Monday, June 03, 2013

Braam's Reforestation Project

Braam’s Custom Cabinets understands the delicate balance between economy and sustainability.  The equilibrium of our planet is becoming increasingly uneven and we recognize that it is everyone’s responsibility to take action.  Braam’s is striving to become an environmentally responsible and sustainable company while still upholding our manufacturing standards.

Braam’s has been working alongside Amazonia Reforestation, to customize a reforestation project.  This Canadian owned company is located in the Orinoco River basin of Vichada, Colombia.  They work to plant tropical trees for timber, for carbon sequestration, for expanded wildlife habitat and for profit.   Braam’s is committed to supporting this organization in order to reduce our own carbon footprint and to help replace trees that are cut down for manufacturing use.

We started this project in January 2012 and to date, Braam's Custom Cabinets has planted 595 trees; 255 of which are native species and have been planted in a protected low-lying area.  The rest of the trees will grow for 10 years (at their prime sequestration rate at as much as 50 lbs of carbon/ year) and then be cut to make room for new trees.  These trees are equally important to sustainability> if plantation lumber is not available, it will be taken from the natural rain forest.

At present people worldwide are only planting 10% of the trees we are harvesting, burning or removing on an annual basis.  We are very happy to work with such a great company  to change the numbers!

As well as reforestation projects, Amazonia Reforestaion works in tandem with a number of environmental and wildlife protection programs.  They've just recently sent us some photos of La Pedregoza's giant Podocnemis river turtle rescue program: 

For more information on Amazonia Reforestation or their partner programs please visit this website

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